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When it comes to eye exams in Normal IL, McLean County Eye Center is the most trusted eye care unit in the area. That's because for 30 years, we have continually provided Normal, IL with accurate & personal eye exams. Various tests ranging from general health history to visual acuity and cataract evaluation are offered by our optometrists. We use the latest equipment for all eye exams to ensure accurate prognoses of every person we work with. 


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One of the top pieces of equipment for our eye examinations  is the Topcon imaging instrument and image management software. This state-of-the-art equipment consists of Optical Coherence Tomography units, mydriatic imaging systems, retinal cameras, and digital slit lamps. The digital cameras of the system enhance images with resolutions up to 12 megapixels. Using this instrument improves treatment flow while maintaining the highest level of ophthalmic health care for patients. 


OCT Eye Exams in Normal, IL

An advanced new field when it comes to eye exams in Normal IL, Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) is the product of a collaboration between engineering and medicine. With the development of new technologies for eye tests and other tests, patient care has dramatically improved. The use of light waves to map the surface of the eye requires a multidisciplinary team of experts to execute. McLean County Eye Center has been providing eye exams in Normal IL using High-Definition OCT.

This eye exam relies on low coherence interferometry to generate images. A near-infrared light beam with a wavelength of 820 nanometers is directed to the surface of the eye by an optical probe. The probe then sends the reflected light signals back to a device called an interferometer. The interferometer processes these light waves and saves the information on their properties to consolidate an image of the surface of the eye. With this eye exam technique, experts can now easily detect inconsistencies or irregularities in the eye.

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