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Eyeglasses in Bloomington


At McLean County Eye Center, we want you to be comfortable & confident in your new glasses. Our Eyewear Boutique has a great reputation for dispensing high quality eyeglasses that are trendy, fashionable, and modern. Come by our office in Normal, IL to try on a pair today! 


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Our eye glass specialists in Bloomington are extensively trained and have over 114 years of combined experience. Our collection features over 800 fashion frames including unique and exclusive designer collections from Europe. Patients will receive individual care and attention when selecting eye glasses in Bloomington and frames to meet their lifestyle needs. We use cutting edge technology and premium products when crafting your corrective eyewear. Let us provide you with your custom eyeglasses in Bloomington IL.

Beautiful Eye Glasses in Bloomington

If you have to wear eye glasses in Bloomington, wear them in style. McLean County Eye Center not only examines the current condition of your eyes and prescribes corrective glasses, we also make sure that you look good wearing them. Our Eyewear Boutique enjoys a reputation for dispensing high quality eyeglasses that are trendy, fashionable, and modern. We can give advice on frames for eye glasses in Bloomington that will accentuate your facial features.


  1. If you're losing your eye glasses in Bloomington and are having trouble finding them because of your blurred vision, try this neat simple trick. Just make a tiny hole by curling your index finger and thumb and look through it; the world will become clear again. This works no matter how blurry your vision is. You can take off your glasses or squint to give it a try. Squinting creates a smaller aperture for light to go through, and can therefore improve focus, also a principle used in cameras. 


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Eye Glasses in Bloomington

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