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To correct some eye problems, permanent surgery is needed. Our team has over 100 years of combined experience in eye surgery & diagnosis. Come by for a consultation today to see if eye surgery is right for you.


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Other services that McLean County Eye Center provides include evaluation of binocular vision to assess eye-coordination, muscle balance, and focusing capacities. We also perform an external examination of the lids, cornea, conjunctiva and surrounding tissues. Before every eye surgery in Bloomington, we perform cataract evaluation and internal inspection of the retina and other tissues for glaucoma, macular degeneration, or any other abnormality.



Before an eye surgery in Bloomington, you will need to undergo a baseline test administered by the eye doctor to determine if you are a good candidate. Knowing what to prepare for and how to take care of your eyes before a surgery is a factor in the success of the operation. If you use contact lenses, it is recommended to stop wearing them before a baseline evaluation and switch to wearing your glasses full-time. By doing this, the cornea can assume its original shape before the surgery.

A discussion with your doctor and family is the best way to prepare for eye surgery.  Avoid makeup, facial creams, lotions, perfumes, and hard soap before the surgery. Make sure to arrange your transportation in advanced to avoid inconvenience. Once you reach our facility, your vision will be in good hands.

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