How long do dilation effects last?

How long do dilation effects last?

There are different options our doctors have when ordering medications for eye dilation.  The most common medications can often cause visual effects lasting up to 4 hours.  These effects include:

  • light sensitivity
  • sometimes near or distance vision blur
  • large pupils

McLean County Eye Center does provide reversal medications, which can reduce effects to as little as 30-40 minutes.

Sometimes dilation medications are required that are stronger than the common dilation medications.  These medications include Cyclopentolate, Homatropine, and Atropine.  These stronger dilation medications are often required with children having frontal headaches or other suspicious findings, and are also used for certain inflammations of the eye.  The stronger dilation medications can have effects lasting 8-12 hours, or even up to 7 days.  Side effects for non-routine dilations are always discussed at length before instillation.